Please regard the catalogue of products as a starting point for your own ideas. Let your imagination loose and feel free to create your own design, using these images as a guide.

Character Mirrors The Floral Snail 

 Carved from Scottish Lime wood (Tilia spp), this mirror is approx. 500mm x 420mm overall. The Snail motif is integral to the frame and the flowers and leaves are polychromed, antiqued and applied. The mirror glass is 4mm thick, rebated into the back of the frame and held in place with small oak cleats. A hanging chain or wire completes the ensemble and the frame has a beeswax finish, buffed to a light sheen. Nice!

This item is part of a Limited Edition of 12. While each will vary slightly from its fellows, (I'm only human!), no more than 12 examples of this design will be produced. Each will be numbered in sequence - 1/12 and so on.

Other designs will make their appearance from time to time and commissions to your own design are welcomed (within reason).

Competitively priced at £75.00

The Wildwood mirror

This large, handsome mirror was commissioned for the home of two of Glasgow's brightest journalistic stars. It symbolises regeneration and growth. Carved from Lanarkshire Ash (Fraxinus excelsior), the leaves of the tree on the right merge with the bluebells on the left, whose roots mingle with those of the tree. The Wren peeking from the leaves is there because of the family of birds living in one of the clients' outbuildings. The mole just appeared...

It is finished with three coats of Danish oil and fitted with a substantial hanging chain. I was so proud of this that I signed it. I'll sign yours if you want.

A large (750 x 500mm) piece, richly carved and a one-off. If it were reproduced it would command  a price of around £260.00

The Glasgow Rose

Carved from Scottish Oak, (Quercus robur), this mirror is approx. 285mm x 230mm overall. The Rennie MacIntosh "Rose" motif is integral to the frame and painted in acrylics. The mirror glass is 3mm thick, rebated into the back of the frame and held in place with small oak cleats. A hanging wire completes the ensemble and the frame has a hard varnish finish. Nice!

A very reasonable £35.00


Laurel mirror

Small Scottish Oak (Quercus robur) framed mirror with applied laurel leaves hand carved in maple (Acer campestre). Finished in hard gloss varnish. The glass is rebated into the back and held in place with leather-lined oak cleats. Fitted with a hanging wire to hang vertically but, hey, you can hang it any way you like. 300mm x 195mm x 35mm..

The carved laurel leaves are quite intricate, so I've had to ask £40.00