House names and lettercutting.

House name plaques

I have based my price structure on a modular system. Start with a plain board of native hardwood, rectangular or oval, with a routed edge. All boards are treated with three coats of Danish oil and have two 'keyhole' hanging points to the rear. 
Vary the shape: broken pediment or freeform, for instance. 
Now the words.  
Decoration next - leaves, flowers and the like. 
If you want to have the lettering painted, we can do that. Now, if you want a really special plaque, gilding with 23.75ct gold leaf will add lustre. Because you're worth it.

Price list: 

Small board blank:                                 £25.00                  Large basic board:                                  £35.00
Edge bead:                                             £10.00
Carved word, < 10 letters:                      £20.00                    Carved word, > 10 letters:                       £40.00    
Carved and painted word, < 10 letters:  £30.00                    Carved and painted word, > 10 letters:   £60.00
Decoration:                                             £45.00 
Gilded lettering, per letter:                     £15.00      (Gilding includes carving and painting.)


Oval plaque This example measures 270mm x 195mm x 30mm deep, is made from brown oak with applied hand-carved oak leaf decoration. The plaque has a moulded edge and the name, Dalmuir, is incised in American Uncial script and left unpainted. The whole is finished with three coats of Danish oil and there are two 'keyhole' hanging points to the rear.


Basic oval board: £25.00
Routed edge:         10.00
Incised name:        20.00
2x decoration:        90.00

Total                    £145.00

This is only a suggestion; please feel free to let your imagination off the leash, I am happy to work with your ideas. As quirky as you wish.

Larger commissions:

For larger lettering commissions, a per-character tariff is more appropriate, taking in numbers, special characters and punctuation. Small to medium characters require much the same work, regardless of size. So cutting a 20mm character takes very much the same time as a 50mm one. Larger characters that take physically more carving time will attract higher fees.

Category A characters, up to  50mm:    £4.00 each
Category B characters, up to 100mm:   £8.00 each
Category C characters, up to 200mm: £12.00 each

Rates for very large characters or long passages of text can be negotiated.